Laura Anderson's #First - CASTING CALL

Laura Anderson's #First - CASTING CALL

16th September 2019
Laura Anderson's #First - CASTING CALL
Tim Cunningham
Executive Producer

After the huge success of series 1, Laura Anderson’s #First is back for a second series and we are looking for more teenagers to share their stories with us. 

If you are aged between 14-23 years old and would like to share your amazing stories about the first time something significant happened to you, then we would like to hear all about it. 

Series 2 also brings a host of different topics including the following:

#FirstExamFail - What was it like when you first failed an exam? What happened? And what did you do when you got your results?

#FirstTimeIHadSex - We want to hear your advice. Were you really ready? Did you feel pressured? Where and who did you turn to for advice? 

#FirstTimeISmashedItPass your driving test the first time? Get full marks in your first exam? Was the opening night of your play a success? Tell us about the first time you really smashed it - when you thought you were doomed to fail.

#FirstTimeIStoodUpToABully - Can you remember the first time you stood up to a bully? What gave you the confidence? Share the advice you'd give to somebody experiencing the same thing.

#FirstTimeIFellHeadOverHeels - What was it like the first time you really fell for someone? Did you fall for the wrong person? And did they feel the same? Are you still together? 

#FirstEpicPartyFail - Have you ever had an #EpicPartyFail which is still remembered until this day? Do you still cringe at that thing you did when you hosted your first ever house party? Tell us your stories - the messier the better! 

#FirstTimeIMadeADifference Have you always been passionate about making a difference? Do you thrive off helping other people? How do you want to change the world? We want to hear your stories of how you are making a change in society.

#FirstTravellingTrauma - What was your first solo travelling experience like? Did you catch all your flights? Have a brilliant time? Or get stuck in the middle of nowhere and wish mum and dad were there to help out?

#FirstJobDisaster - How did you first job interview go? Forget to hang up the phone whilst your client was still on the line when you were complaining about them? How did you tell your manager that you did something wrong?

#FirstPromFail - It's a big night - but what went wrong at your first prom? Did you split your dress? Were you the student that face planted in the middle of the dance floor? Maybe you got dumped? 

#FirstBabysittingDisaster - Have you ever had a babysitting disaster? Did you think it would all go like clockwork, and then the baby screamed all night? Did you get caught sneaking your boyfriend or girlfriend in for a snog? 

#FirstBigLie - What was your first big lie? Did you get caught out? What were the consequences? 

#FirstRacismWake-UpCall - Have you ever suffered from racism? Been called names or been physically attacked? Have people made assumptions about you because of your ethnicity? We want to hear your stories and tips on how you dealt with it.

#FirstPeriodProblem - What happened when you first got your period? Did you receive enough advice to understand what you were going through? Where is the best place for young people to get tips on how to deal with it? 

If you would like to apply, please email us with your name, age, contact number and a bit more information about your first time experience to

And if you’ve had a unique first-time experience on a topic that we haven’t mentioned here, we would still like to hear all about it.

If you are aged under 18, please get your parents permission to speak to us.  

You can listen to series 1 by clicking here  and don’t forget to subscribe and share with all your friends. 

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The application deadline is the 15th October.